Frequently Asked Questions

The questions that you are about to ask

The first thing you will need to do is to reach us out. We will be able to find the best solution to fit your needs, it is easier to understand the delivery when you have all the details.

Although using compressor to create an iTunes package is our preferred format for Film & TV, we accept assets in a variety of other formats. Please, feel free to check what type of content you will need and Delivery Requirements Page

The cost to deliver a film is Completely Free of charge.

Our service includes:

  • An initial spot check and logging of all materials: video, audio, subtitles, metadata and poster art.
  • A full manual Quality Control review of all video elements, primary audio streams and secondary audio streams, subtitle and caption streams. This QC process is required by the platforms and ensures your film goes live in a timely fashion.
  • Delivery to the platform and follow up on any issues flagged by platform(s).
  • All materials ingested by Filmster Asset Management Storage.

Due to commercial validity we may refuse to accept certain Content by explaining the reason

We report monthly so you get paid faster. We send you your money within 30 days of the end of each calendar month. 400 USD royalty is minimal payout

The platforms retain 30%-40% of all sales revenue from their store. We take 20-40% of what remains. But there is no delivery expenses for you at all.

This depends on the stage at which the title is rejected:

  • Initial Delivery – If we find an issue at the logging stage, you will have to fix the problem and resubmit your materials, at no additional cost.
  • Quality Control – If we find issues that can be corrected during the QC process we will correct minor issues at no charge*. For more significant issues, a Client Services rep will be in touch to discuss pricing and options.

* What constitutes a minor issue is entirely at the discretion of Filmster. If we can fix in 30 minutes or less we consider it a minor issue.

The contract is a template based on the terms and conditions agreed to between Filmster and iTunes. The terms are standard but it can be slightly modified.

We offer worldwide access across several platforms. You can decide what territories to distribute to on the initial stage or add territories after the film has gone live as well. Some countries require additional clearance and have Minimal Store Localization Requirements.

Some territories will require localization of your content. Localization refers to closed captioning, subtitling, localized poster art, synopsis  and/or ratings required for distribution in a given territory.

Yes, subtitles and closed captions can be created through Filmster. Please contact us for a quote.

Once we have received all final assets for your project, turnaround to get the content live on the platform(s) is within 21 days. You can set a specific release date if you wish, but please keep our turnaround times in mind. Please note that turnaround times may be longer leading up to major holidays.

Filmster communicates with the platforms on upcoming titles, we ensure that most of the upcoming releases are promoted.